Sakura Kasugano - Cosplay of the Day


And we end the week with the Ryu's apprentice, the spirited Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter series!

Here's Natalie, who goes by Bunny Ayumi for cosplay purposes, as Sakura, a character who never seems to run out of energy. And judging by all the lifting that Bunny's doing in the pictures below, she's definitely embodied the character. The only thing she'd need to complete the transformation is to start doing Sakura's victory dance.

Simplicity is what makes this outfit special. Even though Sakura basically wears her sailor fuku (Japanese school uniform), but with fingerless sparring gloves, her Converses, and a headband that mirrors that of her idol, Ryu's. Bunny's got everything nailed and she's even got a photoshopped representation of Sakura's signature imperfect Hadoken.

If you'd like to see more of Bunny's cosplaying, which includes some great Final Fantasy 7 stuff, visit her Facebook or deviantART. In the meantime, check out her great pics below and let us know who your favorite Street Fighter is!

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