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Kristian R./Capcom

The Cosplay of the Day is a Street Fighter whose hair seems to defy gravity and sense of style appears out of place in a fight, but she's proven herself to be pretty adept at keeping that coif looking perfect and her outfit clean. Let's take a look at Crimson Viper!

She's a CIA agent undercover as a member of S.I.N. in Street Fighter 4, and has a variety of tricks literally up her sleeves. Viper can perform electric attacks, rumble the earth with seismic slams, and set opponents ablaze with her tools. She and Cammy must shop at the same store, because it seems like she's a fan of the tiny tie as well, which is something we can support. Crimson Viper is dangerous and stylish, making her one of the coolest characters to grace the Cosplay of the Day feature.

Heres Angela Bermúdez A., from Costa Rica, as the CIA agent herself. We're not sure if that's a wig or if she developed some kind of anti-gravity gel to hold her hair up in that style, but it's definitely an accurate representation of the character's own 'do. Just like Crimson's name and hair, this cosplayer is red-hot and very talented.

Click here to head to Angela's deviantART page and see all of her great art on top of her fabulous cosplay pieces!

Kristian R.
Kristian R.
Kristian R.
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