One Epic Knight, an endlessly addicting game developed by the crew behind Tiny Heroes, demands an open-minded attitude towards failure. As a sarcastic, loot driven knight exploring a treasure filled dungeon, you will undoubtedly smash into walls, accidentally fall into unforgiving pits, and even get eaten by a living treasure chest before mastering the title. One entirely positive aspect in dying is the varied (and oftentimes Homer Simpson sounding) response the knight gives after his demise. My two favorite death cries: “No one else needs to know about this.” and “Ohhhh, my capillaries!”

Accruing gold coins are of utmost importance, as upgrading your weapons and shields increase their power and increase your overall score. The One Epic Knight store also sells potions, and considering the game’s level of difficulty, the Potion of Not Dying, which gives you an extra life before you start your game, is mandatory. Acquiring vast amounts of gold will also get you a new set of threads. Currently, my biggest goal is to collect 30,000 coins to buy my hero a Chicken Suit or suit up as the horn rimmed, bad ass Dread Knight.

Along with the creatures and traps that litter the dungeon, One Epic Knight is also a runner game, and its fast paced nature will either frustrate or beguile gamers. The chance to greedily pocket colorful mana crystals and gems, obliterate greenish orc-like monsters and gelatinous blobs, and attain different feats will keep your interests peaked. If you are tired of starting (and dying) at the same level and need a splash of variety, purchase the Potion of Insane Speed, which enables you to start at a deeper part of the dungeon.

Credit goes to the subtle, hypnotic music that complements the game’s frenetic and adrenaline pumping pace. The obvious choice would be to slather the title with a rock fueled, in your face score, but thankfully the One Epic Knight team went in a completely different direction. Of course, the trance-like music also kept me glued to my iPad for two straight hours, and if you have a discernible social life, that could be a bad thing.

Another solid addition to the game is the Vault! Feature, as the dungeon currently has 12 special treasures that can be found during your adventure. Items that pop up on a random basis include the Holy Grail, the Black Pearl, the Crystal Skull, and the Ming Vase.

The game is easy to maneuver for your iPad or iPhone, and the tutorial will bring you up to speed within a minute. The controls are basic enough, as you use your thumbs to navigate your knight to the left and right, and swiping a finger up and down enables him to jump over danger and slide under gates.

One Epic Knight is a first rate runner game that will appeal to players who don’t mind a little action in their lives. You may die a thousand times in the process, but really, who’s counting?


App Store Link: One Epic Knight for iPhoneiPad | By Simutronics Corp. | Price: Free | Version: 1.0 | 28.8 MB | Rating 9+

8.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating