You know you're in for a treat whenever you see a Final Fantasy cosplayer. The characters often wear such outlandish clothing that it's a wonder that anyone can recreate it in the real world at all. With that said, let's check out Final Fantasy 13's Vanille, our Cosplay of the Day!

Vanille is the narrator of our story in Final Fantasy 13 and proves to be a very likable and empathetic character. Her appearance might make her appear young and carefree, but she's got a lot hidden under her youthful smile. And just as a fun fact, that pelt she wears around her waist is said to be made from a bear -- that she defeated all by her lonesome. Love her or hate her, Vanille is definitely a memorable character.

This is Samantha, a cosplayer from the US, dressed up in Vanille's signature outfit, bear pelt and all. She's got just about every bit of the character's costume accurately represented, even down to the accessories on her belt. It looks like she's even been practicing Vanille's famous pose, making her one of the most screen-accurate cosplayers we've seen to date!

If you'd like to see more of Samantha's excellent cosplay, including a dirtied-up Katniss from The Hunger Games, check out her deviantART!

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