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Nakana Focus/Namco Bandai

Hildegard von Krone has a pretty badass name and is very much a badass herself. She's a fairly new character in the Soul Calibur universe and is usually seen in her wolf-like armor. Well, when we saw someone recreate her amazing, armored look, we knew we had to feature her as a Cosplay of the Day.

She hails from the fictional European kingdom called Wolfkrone and wields a short sword and lance, making her one of the more unique characters to use in the Soul Calibur series. Her weapon combination makes it so that she can hit you from afar while still being able to punish you up close. Her style is also high-risk, high-reward because she uses so many charge moves, making her a bit of a challenge to master. But once you do master her moves, she's a monster!

Here is Shoko, from France, clad in Hilde's default armor. We can't even begin to express how incredible this outfit looks. She might as well have jumped out of the game's source code and into the real world. It's even more impressive that she wore this outfit in the heat! This is an amazing cosplay that definitely needs to be seen in real life.

Take a look at more of Shoko's phenomenal work on her deviantART and tell us how ridiculously cool you think she is!


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