Criterion's Leanne Loombe, a producer on Need for Speed: Rivals, took some time to talk about the mechanics of the upcoming racer at Gamescom.

Whether you're playing as a racer or a cop, the objective of Need for Speed: Rivals remains the same--to earn as many Speed Points as possible. As a racer, all the points you earn during a given race can be stolen by the cops, unless you bank them. Speed Points can be used to get upgrades for either side, though the cops seem to have some cool advantages over racers.

There are three tiers for cop cars (patrol, enforcer, undercover), which can you unlock by performing well as an officer of the law. You'll also have a wealth of tools at your disposal like EMPs, spike strips and more. You can learn more watching the video above. Need for Speed: Rivals will be out on the Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on Nov. 19. It will launch on the Xbox One on Nov. 22.