A brilliant artist named Mona, who is taking commissions, has taken Pokemon and brought them back in time to the Mayan era and created 10 Mayan Pokemon. If you’ve ever wondered what Pokemon would have looked like if they were created quite a while ago, just have a gander below and on the artist’s website. They are beautiful and complex and immensely entertaining to look at. Below you’ll find 10 of our favorites juxtaposed with a reference image of the original inspiration. Enjoy 10 Mayan Pokemon!

  • Blastoise

    Blastoise was always a bit menacing, but now he looks like something from a kaiju movie.

  • Charizard

    A bit more elongated, Charizard now looks more like the mythological dragons from Asia.

  • Garydos

    Terrified to go in the ocean? You should be if one of these 10 Mayan Pokemon is hanging around.

  • Gengar

    Is it just me or does Gengar always look like he's up to no good?

  • Leafeon

    Don't lie, you would totally love to have this 10 Mayan Pokemon as a pet.

  • Likitung

    Likitung looks like he has become Likitungs. Look how many the Mayan version has!

  • Nidoking

    Nidoking finally looks as royal as his name. The Mayan version looks quite imposing.

  • Scyther

    Scyther will always be the Pokemon best suited for hedge trimming even in ancient Central America.

  • Venosaur

    The Mayan Venosuar looks like a literal volcano of leafy fury.

  • Victreebel

    Victreebell was never all that pretty, but now this 10 Mayan Pokemon is the stuff of nightmares!