Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters Series) - Cosplay of the Day

Sebastian Matthews/SNK

As if we even have to introduce the character above, but Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters series is the subject of today's Cosplay of the Day. Don't know who she is? Well, you will after today.

Mai Shiranui is arguably the most iconic female fighting game character, next to Street Fighter's Chun-Li. While Chun-Li may be just as powerful and popular, Mai positively drips with sex appeal, largely thanks to her very revealing outfit and very noticeable assets. This fire-starting ninja is sort of the unofficial mascot for the King of Fighters series and is instantly recognizable, making her perfect as a Cospay of the Day.

This is Kelly Jean, a member of the Sexy Geek Girls group based in the UK. We're not sure if we use the word "stunning" a lot, but that's exactly what she is as Mai Shiranui. Every single part of the character's outfit as been lovingly represented in this cosplay, even down to those weird little balls that hang from the tails of her outfit. This is one cosplay we won't soon forget.

See more of Kelly Jean as Mai Shiranui on the official SGC site and check out her own Facebook page to become an official fan.

Sebastian Matthews
Sebastian Matthews
Sebastian Matthews
Sebastian Matthews
Sebastian Matthews

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