What's great about SNK is that their characters usually show up in many of their other titles, making for great crossover cameo appearances. In today's Cosplay of the Day, we'll take a look at Leona, a character who's done a little jumping of her own.

Leona Heidern is primarily a mercenary who participates in the King of Fighters tournament, taking over for Heidern, her adoptive father. But outside of the King of Fighters games, she's made an appearance in Metal Slug XX as a playable character. It wouldn't be the first time a King of Fighters character jumped into a Metal Slug, since her partners Ralf and Clark also made appearances in the run-and-gun series.

This is Mistress09, a cosplayer from Costa Rica, dressed up in Leona's default costume. It would seem as if she's got every detail down, but that's because she does! Some might say that the costume is overly simplistic, but you try wearing all leather while in Costa Rica.

Visit her deviantART page for a look at costumes based on Sailor Moon, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, and even more King of Fighters.

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