Today we've got a bit of a cutesy Cosplay of the Day. Let's jump in and take a look at Athena Asamiya, the psychic pop star from the King of Fighters series.

Athena has appeared in just about every King of Fighters game ever released and has always retained the look of a bubbly, energetic schoolgirl. As it so happens, she's also a J-pop star with psychic powers to boot. She's almost always seen in her school uniform, which has been kind of a mainstay in the series.

Here's Mexican cosplayer Karen Kasumi, who seems to be a fan of alliteration. She's opted to don Athena's school uniform and takes on many of the character's poses. You can just feel the energy emanating from her as she jumps around in some of the shots and tries to totally embody Athena.

Check out more of her cosplay work, which includes characters from many video games, such as the Kingdom Hearts and Fate/stay night series, on her deviantART.

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