Killer is Dead finally has a new trailer in the English language. Now anxious gamers on the other side of the Pacific can hear just what the game will sound like.

Suda 51 is known for making some berserk titles. Killer 7 was an esoteric gem full of invisible enemies and multiple personalities. No More Heroes was a gaming pop culture mash up of bloody Wii remote waggling fun. Shadows of the Damned was his most reserved title, but that didn't prevent it from having some seriously strange quirks.

Even though Killer is Dead is supposedly based on a short story by Suda 51 entitled Killer 7: Killer is Dead, Grasshopper Manufacture is adamant that the game is neither a prequel or sequel to the oddball GameCube classic.

With this new trailer, we're able to hear just how the game is going to sound. Suda's games aren't really known for the greatest of English voice acting, but Killer is Dead is sounding pretty good. Each voice seems appropriate for the character and the music sounds strangely appropriate for this hyper violent title.

We'll have to wait and see more before we can deem Killer is Dead on our official anxious to play list. Let's just hope that Killer is Dead isn't DOA. What do you think of the trailer? Will you give Killer is Dead a shot?