I still haven't played a Chillingo app that has totally sucked, and after playing a countless number of their titles, I'm waiting for that streak to end. The World War 2 based Hills of Glory 3D is a free to play experience, and freemium games come with their share of baggage. Should you run for the hills and wait for the next Chillingo release, or does their gaming glory continue?

The main goal of Hills of Glory 3D is to keep your bunker intact and eliminate all the enemies who cross your path. Although it contains a tower defense based style, the app's main allure is the breadth of the campaigns. Enemies are swarming from all directions, giving your battlefield a pleasantly epic scope. My bunker is located on the left side of the screen, and the yellow directional arrows are pointing where my adversaries are located. I will immediately drag my finger towards the arrows' direction which will then display even more terrain. Once I see the advancing soldiers, I'll just tap on them and release a barrage of gunfire.

The app employs the tap, drag, and slide mechanics of iOS game play to full effect. To fire mortar bombs, touch the desired area and a red target circle will surround the troops. Once they reach that vicinity, release your finger to unleash all that mortar fury. Machine gunning your targets require a simple touch and tap, but considering the amount of soldiers attacking the bunker, that's usually the least effective method of warfare.

My weapon of choice is via air strike, as I slide two fingers across my iPad and draw a path of destruction for my trusty helicopter.

Chillingo's dedication on giving players a plethora of upgrade choices is still intact, as they understand the importance of an app's customization features. With each successful mission and goal achieved, one's military experience is increased and gold coins are earned. As much as I want to earn the ranks of Master Sergeant, money is my master, especially since upgrading one's arsenal is surefire way for continued success.

Another option to stay alive during your missions is to shoot down as many medical kits that appear on the battlefield. Various crates, some yielding gold and others giving you health, will surface during the campaign. After this unit gets a taste of my mortar shells, I'll immediately grab that much needed medkit.

The one drawback, and it would be a huge one if Hills of Glory 3D wasn't so entertaining, is its freemium model. Your bunker is consistently under fire from tanks and troops from all different directions, and your armor will substantially decrease with each engagement. Whether you lose or win a firefight, damage will be sustained and even if you attempt to heal the bunker with gold coins, it won't fill that health meter to the brim. Although I can enter another mission at less than full strength, I'll give my bunker another 17 minutes to heal up.

If you have other apps to play or have the patience of Job, this cash grab exists as a minor hindrance to an otherwise addicting app. Hills of Glory 3D is a multifaceted gaming experience, and its comic strip style animation and battle style instantly won me over. Due to empty pockets, in-app purchases are not exactly on my to-do list. I can play the waiting game and still play this app for free. Patience is a virtue, especially when you're winning the battle.


App Store Link: Hills of Glory 3D for iPhone & iPad | By Chillingo Ltd | Price: Free | Version: 1.0 | 97.6 MB | Rating 12+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating