Mattel, Chillingo, and developer Glitchsoft have announced that everyone's favorite blonde muscle-head from outer space will be arriving on the iOS this fall in 'He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe.' I think my inner 6-year old just had a heart attack.

The He-Man game will play like a beat-em-up, with plenty of side scrolling action. It will be distributed across all iOS devices, so iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners will all be able to take control of the Master of the Universe himself. For anyone who managed to sit through the unfortunate effort that was the He-Man movie from 1987 [Hey, I liked that movie! — Ed.], the game takes most of its inspiration from the good 'ol cartoon series.

So get ready to hack and slash your way through 27 action-packed levels in the world of Eternia. As you move through the game and gain experience points, He-Man can level up with new abilities. Along the way you will encounter all the familiar faces, including a certain fleshless face that is just asking for a punch from He-Man's mighty fist.

To see more screenshots, head over to IGN.