Loyal COGs of the Gears of War epic will be happy to know that a pre-order of the fourth game in the series, Gears of War: Judgment, will net them the Classic Hammerburst assault rifle.

Anyone jumping at the chance to tear apart some more Locust scum will probably pre-order the game straightaway, but early adopters will receive the added bonus of a new weapon. The Classic Hammerburst is described as being the "standard-issue assault rifle of the Locust Army".

There's nothing quite like using the enemy's own tools against them, eh? The Hammerburst boasts a six-shot burst for "maximum killing power" and is shown in brutal action in the video below.

The window for pre-ordering is still relatively large, with the game set for a March 19, 2013 release, so fans have some time to decide whether or not they want to jump in immediately. But we're willing to bet that any fan of Gears already has the game pre-ordered and is eagerly counting down the days until they can unleash hell on the Locust once more.