Straight from the shrines of Nocturnal, this Nightingale statue perfectly captures the likeness of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's dark rogues.

Gaming Heads has started taking pre-orders for its Nightingale statue. For those who don't remember, the Nightingales are a pack of secretive, elite rogues who are sworn to serve and protect the shrines of Nocturnal, the Daedric princess of the night, darkness and luck. Nocturnal is actually the patron of thievery that has made a detail with the Thieves Guild to provide her own dark brand of fortune to its members.

The statue features a thief in a full set of its trademark Nightingale armor. It is approximately 16 inches tall (1/6 scale). While its $299.99 price is pretty steep, there are only 1000 of these statues being made. This statue is the perfect counterpart to Gaming Heads' Dragonborn piece. There's also a $329.99 exclusive edition, limited to 500 pieces, that includes pulsing lights to create the illusion of flowing water at the base.

You better pre-order this statue soon, because it'll be shipping in Q1 2015 and is likely to sell out before then.