The newest title from Insomniac Games will be blasting its way into your eyeballs on May 28th 2013. Fuse looks to be just what the doctor prescribed for people going through Borderlands withdrawal.

The futuristic co-op shooter Fuse looks to serve up some serious fun for you and a few friends. With a heavy emphasis on co-op gameplay, it looks to be a solid title that will keep you playing for hours. The combination of secret alien technology and gunplay will help keep the action fresh and fun.

God knows it already looks to be an explosively good time. Not only will you be able to blow things up, but you'll be able to enhance your character to be more effective at making things go boom.

Fuse will finally be out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 28th, 2013. Will you be grabbing it along with a few of your friends for some co-op madness? Let us know in the comments!