A few weeks ago, a rumor started circulating around the net about the possibility of a console port of the brand new SimCity game by EA. Unfortunately, it appears as if that’s all it was, a rumor.

EA was recently asked whether or not the game would make its way to the PS4 via the official SimCity twitter. In response, EA said, “Sadly, there are no current plans to move SimCity to console.” So everyone who was hoping to play the game using the Xbox LIVE network or the PS4’s social features are unfortunately out of luck.

It’s not completely unheard of to see SimCity on consoles. The original SimCity had a million ports for a ton of different systems, including one for the SNES, and the port of SimCity 2000 for the PlayStation. Then there was SimCity 64, which was kind of a port of SimCity 3, and a whole bunch of spinoff games that weren’t really ports of anything including SimCity Creator for the Wii and DS. And the DS standalone version of SimCity itself. So this doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see a SimCity title on consoles, it just means we won’t see this SimCity title on consoles.