The newest video for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen gives us a look at some of the new enemies we'll face in the expansion. And yeah, we'll be looking Death in the face.

The Enemy Showcase video from Capcom introduces us to the Pyre Saurians, the Eliminator, and Death. They look to be fearsome foes indeed, but at least the video also gives us a few tips and tricks on how to dispose of them.

The Pyre Saurians breathe fire and threaten flambe everyone in your party. The solution to getting around these flaming annoyances is as simple as remembering what Pokemon taught you, all those years ago: water beats fire. Just toss a bottle of water on these guys to douse their flames and then follow up with some attacks! Be sure to cut off their tails to score some better loot.

Up next is the Eliminator, which is a huge horned beast with an even bigger hammer o' doom. The best way to defeat this enemy is to stagger him by sending your Pawns in for a back attack or using explosives. Once he's wobbly, go in for the kill!

Lastly, there's Death. This menacing enemy will appear randomly throughout the game and can teleport at will, put you to sleep with his lantern, and can snuff out your life in one hit. The only bright side is that the damage you deal to this guy is cumulative and permanent, meaning you'll eventually be able to kill him with enough encounters.

Watch the trailer below and look out for the expansion when it drops on April 23rd, 2013 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.