Chillingo continues their quest to bring new and interesting games to the App Store. The publisher goes out of their way to try and find developers who make games that stand out and are accessible for everyone to play. Chimpact is the latest entry in the growing Chillingo library, and while it's just as charming as their other games, it does come up a few bananas short.

Chimpact has two modes -- Gem Quest and Totem Trial. Gem Quest is the main mode, with three different worlds housing 12 levels each. The goal is to guide your chimp up towards the top of the forest and into his home. Do this by bouncing off of trampolines. Pull back on your baby chimp when he's standing on a trampoline, aim, and let him fly. Try and collect as many bananas and gems as you can so you can spend them on items in the Store. Look for secret paths and hidden gems behind clusters of leaves.

One-touch controls are all that's needed, and guiding your chimp is relatively easy. Avoid the various bugs, spiders and thorny plants that will cause you to drop bananas. The good thing is, if you run out of bananas, you don't die, you just have to try and collect more. The bad thing is it takes away a bit of the challenge. If you like games where you have to start stages over and over, then Chimpact's other mode, Totem Trial, is the one you'll dig. Each level has different tasks for you to complete to earn achievements and help unlock different chimps to play. You can always unlock all the levels for a buck, or buy the locked chimps.

Graphics are really nice. The jungle looks great, and the various characters on screen are animated very well. I really liked the character design, and the levels are gorgeous. The music is very pleasant but can become monotonous after a while. The sound effects really stand out. From the boing! of the trampolines to the background noise, Chimpact sounds pretty incredible.

Despite the good things I have to say about the game, Chimpact starts to wear on you with its simplistic formula. The only thing keeping it alive are the Totem Trials. Otherwise there isn't much to do but bounce from one platform to the next until you reach your home. A multiplayer option where you race other players to the top of a stage would have been fun, but no such feature is included. There are plenty of Gamecenter achievements, but I can't imagine it taking a lot time to complete them all.

Chimpact is another solid offering by Chillingo, but after a while the gameplay wears on you and the addiction one gets when playing certain games isn't there. You may get bored after just a few levels of springing around the jungle. Chimpact is a great buy for a buck, just don't expect to go bananas over it.

App Store Link: Chimpact for iPhoneiPad | By Chillingo | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 48.1 MB | Rating 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating