Horror Games

What’s Next For Friday the 13th: The Game?
If you're like us, you've been spending the summer trying to survive out in the woods by Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven or the Packanack Lodge. It hasn't been easy, and not just because there's a masked killer on the loose. Since releasing just ahead of Memorial Day, Friday the…
Hide and Shriek Review (PC)
While Hide and Shriek is a jump-scare ridden game with a simple premise, there’s enough here to give it some depth beneath its holiday charm.
How Silent Hill 2 Made Personal Demons Into Physical Ones
When it came to horror in late ‘90s and early 2000 video games, there were a couple franchises that most perfectly represented the polarized ends of the playing field. On one end, you had Resident Evil, whose forte was in shock and gore. Capcom delighted in jump scares, blood and violent imag…
E3 2016: You Can’t Escape the Terror of Resident Evil 7 VR
Virtual reality is supposed to provide an escape from the real world. But what happens when you want to escape virtual reality? Some of the experiences we've had with VR this past week have been tremendous. Resident Evil 7 VR is certainly a kind of experience, but tremendous isn't quite th…

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