The world of eSports is waiting eagerly for the Super Bowl of FPS competition. The top Call of Duty: Black Ops II teams have been selected to compete for that coveted $1 million at the Call of Duty Championships. 

Eight teams have been selected from the In-Game League Play Champions Series to participate in the coveted Call of Duty Championships. The talented teams are:

  • Rage
  • TVA
  • Vintage
  • Phoenix
  • Curse
  • Quantic
  • compLexity
  • Awe Sports

There are two more competitions coming up in March that will each add eight more teams into the mixture. Players and teams from around the world will be heading to Hollywood, CA in April for the final battle for $1 million. That is a lot of moolah up for grabs for a fast fingers contest. It takes a lot of skill to ascend to this level of twitch-shooter competition and the final bout is sure to be legendary.

For more info, check out the Call of Duty eSports site.