'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate' Animated Feature Coming from Funimation


The company known for putting 'Dragon Ball Z,' 'One Piece' and 'Attack on Titan' on North American TVs will be bringing us an animated, full-length Bayonetta film.

Funimation has announced that it has acquired the rights to 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.' This animated movie was done by Gonzo, the studio that did the Emmy-nominated 'Afro Samurai Resurrection.' 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate' is an animated film depicting the events of the first Bayonetta game, which debuted on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2009. Bayonetta 2 will be launching exclusively on Wii U this October.

Just as Bayonetta plays similarly to Devil May Cry, the art style of 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate' looks akin to Dante's anime series that launched in 2007. This film was directed by Fuminori Kizaki, known for his work on the 'Afro Samurai' and 'X-Men' anime series. Expect 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate' on Blu-ray and DVD later this year.

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