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Nier: Automata Review (PlayStation 4)
Nier: Automata is a kickin' rad action game that's also a twin-stick shoot-’em-up and a 2.5D platformer and role-playing game, and anything else it might need to be at any given moment.
Star Fox Zero Review (Wii U)
"It's about time you showed up, Fox!" After eleven years, the ace fighter pilot and his team of mercenaries are returning to a home console in Star Fox Zero, and a long hiatus like that creates some major expectations. Surely if Nintendo thought it was time to bring back Star Fox now …
The Only Color That Matters is Red: Celebrating MadWorld
When folks think about Nintendo and its systems, nostalgia, happy characters and kid-friendly storylines probably come to mind. At the very raciest of the Nintendo spectrum, a game that draws its visual style from graphic novels such as Frank Miller’s Sin City and embraces over-the-top brutal…
Transformers: Devastation Review (PlayStation 4)
It's been an odd decade for Transformers fans. On the one hand, there's been more Transformers-related things coming out than ever, but on the other, most of those products are the god-awful Michael Bay Transformers (or their mind-blowingly bad tie-ins). Transformers: Devastation promises …

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