DICE has teased some footage from the first trailer for Battlefield 4, which it confirmed will debut on March 27th.

While the Battlefield 4 rumor mill has been working overtime these past few weeks, it looks like all the talk will finally be backed up next week. We already knew DICE was setting the sequel up for a GDC reveal on March 26th, but since the general public won't be at that show, the developer is also planning to show off BF4 via a brand new trailer on March 27th.

To get people even more hyped up, the official Battlefield Twitter account posted this sneak peek on Monday morning.

Straight from the video editing suite: Prepare 4 Battle - 03.27! This sneak peek now, more soon. (Please RT!... vine.co/v/bpeapQiWB3l

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) March 18, 2013

It certainly looks like a lot of metal. Are those tank treads we see? Is that watery glimmer from the rain? We'll just have to wait one more week to find out.