Battlecry Trailer: Announcing a 32-player Battle Royale


BattleCry Studios has announced its free-to-play, self-titled debut which features up to 32-player battles.

BattleCry is a third-person, team-based action combat title comprised of animated brutality and competitive, online multiplayer gameplay. The competitive multiplayer aspect of BattleCry is oriented towards your skill, teamwork and timing, which will help lead to your characters pulling off violent and beautiful combo attacks. BattleCry is all about a world where gunpowder and open wars belong in the past. The fighters of BattleCry engage in battle so that society no longer has to, but that doesn't mean these fights are any less dangerous. Whether you are an Enforcer, Tech Archer or Duelist, you have your own set of skills and abilities to level in order to help enhance your character and kill multiple opponents.

We expect BattleCry will be out sometime in 2015 -- it will be coming out for PC and is going to be free-to-play. BattleCry Studios has also announced that a beta will be coming out sometime in early 2015.

BattleCry Studios
BattleCry Studios
BattleCry Studios
BattleCry Studios
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