Nightwing and The Dark Knight Tumbler Coming to Batman: Arkham Knight This September

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If you've been waiting to play Batman: Arkham Knight with the new Burton Batmobile, and fly around in the Keaton suit, we've got some good news for you; it's out today. As has been previously disclosed, you'll be able to play with the classic 1989 Batmobile through two race tracks inspired by Batman and Batman Returns. What's more, Rocksteady has clarified the Batmobile's usage outside of these specific race tracks. You will be able to drive around the streets of Gotham with this version of the vehicle... provided you've already eliminated all the tanks on every island.

That's right, kids; the 1989 Batmobile can only be used if the streets are barren of the Arkham Knight's tanks that patrol every street and sideroad for almost the entire game. If you were hoping to whip around in New Game+ with the DLC car, that's just too bad. You'll still have to destroy all the tanks, and finish off the drone tank segment for the Knightfall protocol first. Coooooooool. Maybe the newly announced The Dark Knight Tumbler will actually fare a bit better in that department.

With the August Arkham Knight DLC dropping today, Rocksteady has announced the September plans, which includes yet another Batmobile and race tracks, as well as new AR missions. The biggest draw for September's content though is likely to be the new Nightwing story add-on, which takes place after the events of Arkham Knight. In it, you'll play as Nightwing (voiced by Jason Street Scott Porter), who must once again track down the Penguin after he escapes GCPD custody. Fingers crossed this mission is a tiny bit longer than the previous DLCs, which have roughly taken about 15-20 minutes each to complete.

While there are going to be plenty of devotees eager to jump into new AR combat challenges for Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman that are coming in September, as well as use the classic Arkham Asylum uniform skin, the addition of the Tumbler should generate some heat, too. Two movie-inspired race tracks will come with the more realistic Batmobile-that's-never-called-the-Batmobile, which is all well and good, but considering how much the Tumbler actually looks like the Arkham Knight iteration of Batman's whip, we hope it doesn't have any caveats for street legal use like the 1989 version.

Season pass holders will get all the content as part of that package, but everyone else can get the Batmobile or skin packs individually for $1.99 each. No date has been set for the September content, but maybe it will arrive in time for the PC patch. I bet there are a lot of players on that format that would love a chance to actually play the game.

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