Psyonix Studios has pumped out a new update for the fantastic Arc Squadron. Look inside to see what's new in the spacefaring shooter.

Arc Squadron's Star Fox-like action has gotten a few tweaks in Psyonix's update. The fix that should impact gameplay the most would be the increased sensitivity for the touch controls. While the game is already a very slick shooter, there is a noticeable amount drag when trying to navigate. The added sensitivity should give the game tighter response times so players don't need to lift their fingers off the screen to readjust the ship's position while in a firefight.

Other additions include a fix for an issue in version 1.2 that would wipe saved data, support for the iCloud, and new items that will be available in the game's Hangar. It should also be noted that the game has dropped from its original price of $4.99 to $0.99, so newcomers will enjoy the benefits of the new update at a discounted price. Look for the update in the App Store now and keep those barrel rolls coming!