Psyonix is all set to drop their very attractive Starfox-esque space shooter, Arc Squadron, next week. We know that this adventure is powered by the Unreal Engine and boasts some vivid visuals, but what else can we expect?

Any game that's inspired by Starfox is doing it right. Arc Squadron will deliver a space adventure in which you become the hero and save a galaxy from a planet-destroying race called the Guardians. Hmm. It seems a little strange that a race called the Guardians are trying to take over a galaxy, but we'll go with it. The adventure to stop them will be a long one, stretching over a 64-level campaign with over 20 unique environments to blast through and 9 bosses to take down. You'll be able to upgrade your ships, weapons, and even unlock some new skins.

The new gameplay trailer below shows some of the one-touch controls for the game, which look to be very intuitive and fluid. Weak or wonky controls could make or break a fast-paced space shooter like this, so it's encouraging to see Arc Squadron's in action. The game will be out in just one week, so prepare to save the galaxy by checking out the trailer and screenshots below!