Wraithborne is the newest title from Alpha Dog Games, blending fantasy with hack-n-slash madness. A gaming format we love to play here at Arcade Sushi. And they just released a brand new trailer for it.

Utilizing the Unreal engine, play as the warrior Wraithborne, who must fight off all kinds of creatures in a quest to collect some runes and save humanity or some such silly nonsense. Just give us a sword, we don't care why we have to swing it.

The game actually hit the App Store but was pulled for some reason. Developer Alpha Dog recently tweeted:

"Sorry! The iPad only release of #Wraithborne was removed from the App Store as an exciting announcement is coming soon."

A bit odd, don't you think? Perhaps they forgot to add more blood. Since we have to wait to play it, let's take a look at these sweet screenshots and this cool new trailer. Hurry up, Alpha Dog! We wanna get our sword on!