MachineGames successfully rebooted the FPS that helped put the genre on the map with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Now, the studio would like to launch a sequel and bring about even more change to its take on BJ Blazkowicz's over-the-top, Nazi-slaying adventure.

In an interview with the Xbox Wire, MachineGames co-founder Jens Matthies commented on the success and great reception Wolfenstein: The New Order had. He also mentioned that his team has a great enthusiasm for making a sequel to The New Order, but admitted nothing is set in stone. Matthies stated that he would like MachineGames to continue to focus on Wolfenstein's single-player experience than to divide its attention between its campaign mode and multiplayer.

"I mean, we love multiplayer. It's not that - for us it's about focusing on one project and not splitting focus and having different things suffer because of that. I'm 100% sure we could make an amazing multiplayer game," Matthies said. "It's just not sensible for us to do both."

There is also a chance that Machinegames could work with its publisher, Bethesda, to try and outsource the development of The New Order sequel's multiplayer to another studio to help add replay to the game. Nevertheless, we loved The New Order's focus on the individual experiences of the player and hope that MachineGames continues BJ's escapades.

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