Bethesda Software and MachineGames are teasing that the Nazi zombies are making a return for a Fourth Reich in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. 

Bethesda Software's official Vine account has posted an awesome teaser video (featured below), teasing the return of the supernatural forces that reanimated the many dead Nazis BJ Blazkowicz left in his wake throughout the events of the Wolfenstein series. Since Wolfenstein: The New Order sort of retconned the previous storylines (while still adhering to many of the events of the series), it's about time that this current-gen version of BJ would finally encounter the more supernatural side of the Fourth Reich, where the General Deathshead and the rest of the Nazis attempt to tap into some otherworldly forces for the sake of their evil regime's control of the world. Of course, BJ has a powerful retort in the form of a plethora of bullets for the remaining Nazis, whether living, dead or undead. In the actual vine post, we get to see a variety of zombified Nazi soldier faces, suggesting what we'll see in this standalone expansion to The New Order. 

Even though The New Order retraced the steps of the Wolfenstein franchise into a technologically advanced alternate timeline where the Nazis ran the world through the use of mechanized soldiers and other robotic allies, we're glad to see BJ's travels take him to the other side of the series, revisiting the unworldly and mystic forces that the Nazis tried to weaponize. One portion of the standalone expansion, titled 'The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs,' takes BJ to Wulfburg, where he meets a Nazi archaeologist who is using ancient artifacts to unleash a dark and evil power, which sounds like resurrecting Nazi zombies to us. Say what you want about Call of Duty, but Wolfenstein had us slaying undead Nazis first.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood will launch May 5 for $19.99 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It exists as a standalone follow-up that takes place after the events of The New Order. 

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