Summer's almost over, but we're not ready to give up on it just yet. That's why we're looking to you to help decide the Best Console/PC Game of the Summer.

Usually the final few months of the year are the most packed with games, but so far 2014 has had a decent amount of memorable and noteworthy video games. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been slowly stepping things up, but the PC and Wii U have been neck and neck with quality games of their own. Which of these games will go down as the Best of the Summer? That's up to you.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Always Sometimes Monsters

Vagabond Dog

Watch Dogs


Mario Kart 8


Gods Will Be Watching


The Last of Us Remastered

Naughty Dog

You can vote below for your favorite once every hour. Voting ends on Sept. 7 at 9AM EST.