Where's My Water? is one of the most popular puzzle games in the App Store, and Disney has snuck in one of their hot upcoming animated movies to make an appearance with Swampy the Alligator.

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie is the upcoming stop-motion animated movie hitting theaters on October 5th. On the free version of Where's My Water? (not the full version), you can play a Frankenweenie-inspired level for the next 10 days.

Here's the official press release from Disney:

Disney launched today “10 Days of Frankenweenie,” a new free level pack for the hit mobile game Where’s My Water? Free.  Inspired by Disney’s stop-motion animated film “Frankenweenie,” directed by acclaimed filmmaker Tim Burton, the level pack features new black and white levels that combine the film’s retro look and feel with the gameplay of Where’s My Water?.

Players of Where’s My Water? Free will enjoy the new movie-themed comic panel featuring Sparky, the beloved dog from the film, in addition to the “Frankenweenie”-themed locked level icons, collectibles and more.  “10 Days of Frankenweenie” also features a brand-new soundtrack inspired by the film, featuring a child choir, all new music mixes for the levels and spooky sound effects.

Despite the obnoxious ads that pop up in the free version, the level I played was really cool looking and a lot of fun. Can't wait to play another level tomorrow!

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