Hurry and watch this 40-second-long teaser for the upcoming Warcraft film before Legendary ganks it.

The Warcraft movie trailer that aired exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con a month and a half ago has appeared online. Unlike the previously leaked movie footage (which primarily consisted of the Horde debating whether or not to invade Azeroth), we get to see a ton of action. While Legendary started swinging the almighty banhammer in all directions to remove the previously leaked SDCC footage from the net, we hope this video inspires them to just air the official trailer already. Fortunately, there's no condescending skeptic from Comic-Con comparing the Warcraft movie footage to Avatar this time around.

Courtesy of Destructoid, you can watch the Warcraft film's video teaser here.

The video is covered in watermarks and still has a fishbowl level of quality to it, but we're still quite excited to see the Alliance and Horde fighting. As you can tell, there are brown orcs in the movie who have yet to partake in the demon blood ritual, and there are green ones as well. We have a feeling most of the orcs will be green (or dead) by the end of the movie. The Gryphon Rider definitely stole the show, reminding us that Blizzard needs to make Warcraft 4 and continue its iconic RTS series.

Warcraft is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2016, which puts it awfully close to the theatrical releases of Uncharted (another video game movie) and The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist.

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