As expected, the original video we found has been pulled. Luckily, the Internet always finds a way:


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Watch this Warcraft movie footage before Legendary gives it the King Terenas treatment.

As every major San Diego Comic-Con movie trailer has pretty much been leaked online, Duncan Jones' anticipated Warcraft film has been the most illusive of the bunch. We've seen Suicide Squad, Deadpool and even X-Men: Apocalypse's trailers leak online, resulting in the Suicide Squad trailer's formal release (we just hope the same happens for the other films). The reason for this is because nothing ever truly disappears from the Internet. I'm pretty sure Legendary is going to be pulling down the bootleg trailer we provided above, so don't be surprised if the link goes down within a few hours. Even if it's gone, it'll likely popup somewhere else.

The footage showcases the Orcs (with the comments of some snooty onlooker next to the person recording). The trailer focuses on the plight of the Orcs as they struggle for food and water on the harsh wastelands of Draenor. There's a scene between Draka and Durotan about what to name their baby (Thrall). We get to see Guldan sacrificing hundreds of souls to open the Dark Portal to Azeroth as the Horde invades the lands for the first time, leading into the events of the original Warcraft game. Here's to hoping that Legendary decides to just say "screw it" and post an official HD version online.

Warcraft is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2016.

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