You don't need that tin can do you? How about this crutch? You're not even injured! And come on, what's up with all these cheese wheels? Surely you're not going to eat all of those. There are a ton of games out there that are all about the loot, but "loot" can be a flexible term. There are quite a few games that have players digging through container after container and finding simple cloth or destroyed books with the occasional items that are actually valuable or purposeful. Nonetheless, when video games have taught us to think that we just might need everything we come across, it's hard to resist temptation to just grab everything we see in every box.

The fact is, a lot of video games were like that, where even if you didn't end up looking at an item in your inventory again, it was never going to be of consequence to you. Some games out there introduced the novel concept of the weight and law systems to keep us reasonable and clean, but sometimes that just doesn't stop us from taking a peak in every box and looting the bejesus out of that friendly old quest-giving man that wants us to find his missing daughter. Most of us probably don't even have a second thought about hitting the "Take All" button like clockwork because occasionally it turns out that we might need all those rusty nails we've been stockpiling someday. These are the most notable games that had us turning our hero into hoarders - the 10 Best Games for Kleptomaniacs.

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