Blizzard has announced its next expansion for Azeroth. It's time to welcome the Demon Hunters to World of Warcraft: Legion.

Now that we've stopped the Iron Horde, it's time to hunt down Gul'dan and stop the massive demonic invasion of Azeroth in World of Warcraft's next expansion. World of Warcraft: Legion marks the return of the Burning Legion in full force. Taking place in the Broken Isles, we get to go to level 110 where we'll experience a revamped honor system, earn legacy weapons, visit class order halls and play the new Demon Hunter class. That's right — World of Warcraft's next class is the Demon Hunter. Legacy weapons (36 total, one for each specialization) will let you wield the likes of Doomhammer and Ashbringer.

Before the Sundering, the Broken Isles used to contain a High Elf civilization that has since been destroyed. It's on this continent where we'll find the Tomb of Sargeras. Thanks to Gul'dan, the Tomb is now host to portals to all kinds of Burning Legion planets, leading to the largest demonic invasion in the history of Azeroth. The Horde and Alliance will attack the Broken Shore and invade the Tomb before the expansion even launches, meaning that the entire expansion takes place after the warriors of Azeroth take back the Tomb.

Blizzard is even going to send us into the Emerald Nightmare. We're also going to be taking on Queen Azshara, both the Emerald Nightmare and Queen Azshara were rumored expansion themes, and we're glad to see them all included here. In Legion, we'll finally see the return of Valeera and Turalyon, who have since been missing since Warcraft II.

While no release date has been said yet (most likely revealed during BlizzCon 2015 this fall), stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on World of Warcraft: Legion once more information is available.

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