The guys at Bignic seem to be aware that there's no shortage of video games with zombies out there.

As such, they've made no qualms about letting you know that you're in for a lot of them. And that's it. Much like the minimal pixel art look of the game, the spareness of the title is an indication of what you get: zombies, period.

The best we can do to describe this hyperactive pixel bloodpath is to say that it's a combination of the retro fetish beauty of Superbrothers, mixed with the hilarious chaos of classic arcade shooters like Smash TV. Also, the music is pretty awesome.

A recent update to Zombies. added universal support. This week, there will be another update that will give gamers an opportunity to try their hand at an endless survival mode, as well as the ability to throw objects in the environment at any zombie that's asking for it. And really, that's pretty much all of them.

The updates are also taking care of some bugs that players have been complaining about, further polishing things. Yeah, this game is by no means reinventing the wheel or anything. But Bignic is doing familiar things in unique combinations. Plus, it's just fun!

Take a look at the mayhem in this trailer and you'll see what we mean.