Surviving the zombie apocalypse just got tougher. Dying Light, the free-running, open-world zombie-kicking simulator, just got a massive overhaul with the addition of a new Hard Mode.

While most games might be content to crank up enemy HP for higher difficulty settings and call it a day, Dying Light's Hard Mode transforms things into a brand new experience. The high-risk, high-reward gameplay of night time during Dying Light's new Hard Mode is even riskier now, as nights are now twice as long and the vicious Volatiles no longer show up on your mini-map, Destructoid reports. Loud noises attract more of the fast-moving Virals, and human enemies arrive more quickly, making every supply run a risky engagement. Melee attacks require you to aim faster and more accurately, the inventory menu no longer pauses the game and the all-seeing Survivor Sense has had its vision reduced. Just about every struggle a hardcore survivor could hope for is here, and developer Techland promises to continually tweak the experience to make it as challenging and fun as possible.

In addition to Hard Mode, Dying Light's new patch brings with it numerous new costumes, weapons and tweaks to the game, all available for free. Though Dying Light initially proved to be a fun, but flawed, experience, continuous additions like these could help this zombie hit evolve into the tense, survival horror experience we all wished it would be. Maybe we'll get really lucky and future DLC will include Rick's giant, scraggly beard from The Walking Dead (RIP beard and likely Glenn, Daryl, Abraham or some other important person in the Season Finale coming this month).