In a recent update to the popular Facebook/iOS game Jurassic Park Builder, you can now continue to build out your dino dream land with an Aquatic Park! If all this is new to you, then hop on board the next helicopter to Isla Nublar and let's go check out what's in store for you at Jurassic Park!

As a park manager, it's up to you to grow and raise all kinds of different dinosaur species. You'll need to make sure your Jurassic Park is continually fed with enough material to generate food for the dinosaurs. And we don't think you need to be a paleontologist to know that dinos can eat a lot!

This is a fun little take on a building game that incorporates content from one of the best movie franchises out there. There's even characters from the movie. Look, it's Dr. Grant!

If you're already up to speed with this game, you're probably here to check out the new Aquatic content, which adds 10 new and different sea creature species for you to collect and grow. If you're new to the game and want to dive underwater right away, you are going to have to wait and build up your Park Manager skills to at least level 10. You wouldn't want to disappoint John Hammond and mismanage everything in the park!

That would mean that Jurassic Park would go to hell in a handbasket ... again! Only this time with giant sea creatures swimming around. Hey, that sounds pretty awesome actually.

While this stuff was never really in the movies, we think it's cool that they decided to expand underwater. Especially since there are many ancient sea creatures that are around today that might have been swimming around way back then!

Here's some screenshots of what you can expect to find in the briny deep of Jurassic Park: Builder: