We all know most video games based on movies suck. Frankly, it's a wonder we found 10 of the Best iOS Movie Games for this list. These picks all represent their movies faithfully, and they cover a diverse selection of gaming genres. Plus they're a lot of fun to play! Here are the 10 of the Best iOS Movie Games that don't suck!

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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas


    Kicking off our list of the 10 Best iOS Movie Games, Disney turned their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise into a turn-based strategy game with a little bit of combat. It's the right fit, recalling The Ancient Art of War At Sea. In Masters of the Sea, you can attack other ships and search for treasure to dominate the waters.

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    The Dark Knight Rises


    Want to feel like you're Batman beating up crooks and playing with your wonderful toys all through Gotham City? Here you go. The Dark Knight Rises game is a streamlined retelling of the movie with an open world feel. Controls can be clunky but it beats wearing a batsuit.

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    Men in Black 3


    It's Men in Black as a real time strategy game! Weapon up to try the Noisy Cricket and other guns on the enemy, neuralize bystanders and build up MIB headquarters so you can stock up, treat injuries and acquire new and improved achievements. Though it is tied into the latest sequel, Men in Black 3 is more of a general Men in Black experience, which makes it even better.

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    Man of Steel

    Warner Bros.

    Take control of the new Superman and beat aliens within two inches of their life! Or take their life. Whatever, Superman don't care. This iOS movie title may have been short, but it was pretty fun.

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    Jurassic Park Builder


    We can't think of a 10 Best iOS Movie Game better suited for a mobile port than Jurassic Park. Richard Hammond made some fatal mistakes, but we can do it better. With Jurassic Park Builder, you get a chance to build your own Jurassic Park. Set up enclosures, keep your dinosaurs fed, and keep the tourists safe and happy. And alive.

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    Fix-It Felix Jr.


    Fix-It Felix Jr. is the fictional NES era game that the villain, Wreck-It Ralph, comes from. They've actually made quite an addictive old school game in the tradition of Donkey Kong. Easy on screen controls have you bouncing from platform to platform, fixing windows and dodging Ralph's obstacles.

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    Thor: The Dark World


    It's hammer time as you kick Asgardian ass with Thor. If he's your favorite Avenger, then you're in for a good time. Not only is it free to play, but it's filled with action. Something sorely lacking in the movie.

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    Back to the Future: The Game

    TellTale Inc

    Back to the Future: The Game is less of a game and more of an animated sequel to Back to the Future, but holy crap! Back to the Future IV! Who hasn't been waiting for this for 20 years? The voices really sound like '80s era Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (and original Jennifer, Claudia Wells, is back as her character's voice). Back to the Future: The Game gives you occasional choices and puzzles to solve, but it's mainly the joy of watching a long awaited sequel, or at least a long lost alternate one, from the evil 1985.

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    The Amazing Spider-Man


    The Amazing Spider-Man movie might have sucked, but it sure does make a great video game. The web slinging controls are intuitive to the touch, just like they are in the best console incarnations of Spider-Man. The attack taps and special abilities are smoother than The Dark Knight Rises, as superhero games go, and the mini-stories that fill the open world feel more like Spider-Man than the movie's contrived plot.

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    Jaws Revenge

    Fuse Powered inc.

    The original Jaws mobile game was a fun diversion where you direct swimmers away from the path of the shark. In Jaws Revenge, you are Jaws and your goal is to eat as many swimmers and boats as possible. It's totally awesome! Dive, jump out of the water, win achievements and just keep eating. Who would have though that Jaws: The Revenge would make a good video game all these years later? That bad boy shark chomps his way to the top of our 10 Best iOS Movie Games.