What could be more fun than finding a list of the 10 Best iOS Super Hero Games? Not much if you're a hardcore comic book loving mobile gamer. Developers are coming up with more and more creative ways to bring your super-powered favorites to your mobile device. Super heroes are more popular now than ever before. Having escaped the world of comic books, you can find your favorite heroes on everything from the big screen to video games to rides at your nearby amusement park. Hollywood and software companies are pouring millions into big budget superhero films and interactive experiences. While super heroes may be larger than life on console games, their bite-sized arcade companions can be just as much fun to play. But sometimes these games can get lost among the thousands that are in the App Store. To help our fellow mobile gaming crime fighters grab the gems they may have missed, here are the 10 Best iOS Super Hero Games you should be playing.

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    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Mobage, Inc.

    Starting off our list of the 10 Best iOS Super Hero Games, play as Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Spider-Woman and more as you try and unravel the mystery behind the mysterious iso-8, while helping S.H.I.E.L.D. put away these bad guys for good.

    With original art by some of your favorite marvel artists, and the option to team up with other players online, you’ll be swinging and punching your way through the game’s most powerful enemies.

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    The greatest super hero of all time is now in one of the coolest games to ever feature him. Chillingo's Superman is an incredible effort that minimizes gameplay for maximum enjoyment. Fly around the city of Metropolis as you put out fires, destroy enemy robots, take out meteors and knock out the bad guys. The flying aspect of the game is so enjoyable that it's fun to take The Man of Steel up into the cold reaches of outer space even if the mission doesn't require it. With 18 different levels and loads of missions, you'll be spending more time in the air with Kal-El then Lois Lane ever could.

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    Batman: Arkham Origins

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Even it's not the best Batman game out there for iOS, Arkham origins will still give Batfans their money's worth. Especially since the game is free. But free comes at a price. While the graphics and fights are awesome, the wait in-between is a cruel trick only The Joker could come up with.

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    A super hero game doesn't have to be new to be good, and fans of the 1992 arcade hit X-Men can attest to that. Konami brought over a fantastic port of their classic beat 'em-up that ran on the same engine as another popular arcade game, The Simpsons. Now mutant fans everywhere could relive this quarter collecting arcade favorite on the comfort of their own iPhone. Play as Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm and even Dazzler as you take on some of their greatest foes including The Blob, Juggernaut and Magneto. This is old-school gaming at its portable finest.

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    Avengers Initiative

    Marvel Entertainment

    Infinity Blade style games aren't going anywhere (see below) and Avengers Initiative is another game using that combat system. While tiring, fans of The Hulk will have a blast beating the crap out of everyone that gets in their way. With lots of different moves and power-ups, and the promise of future content with other members of the team, you'll be playing Avengers Initiative for quite a while.

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    Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Fans of the incredible Infinity Blade were stoked when they downloaded Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and found that same style of gameplay had been applied to the Caped Crusader. With stunning graphics, a slick presentation, simple touch gameplay, exclusive content and bonus characters like Poison Ivy and Robin, fans of The Dark Knight have been drooling over this 10 Best iOS Super Hero Game ever since it hit the App Store.

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    Man of Steel

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Supes may look a little different, but he's still got the same heat vision, super strength and ability to woo reporters that we've grown up to love. Man of Steel may be a short game, but the graphics and story more than make up for it. Fly into the App Store and pick it up today!

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    Spider-Man: Total Mayhem


    Total Mayhem was a huge surprise for Spidey fans when it hit the App Store and featured incredible graphics, a fun and easy to use combo system and more villains than you could shake a web at. This iOS game is so good it puts its bigger console brothers to shame. Even at the price point of $6.99 you're getting one of the best super hero gaming experiences there is to be had. As soon as I beat the game, I immediately started a new one and played through it a second time. Don't miss out on this friendly-neighborhood hit.

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    Thor: The Dark World


    The mighty Thor returns in this free to play iOS adventure. Based off the movie of the same name, swing the powerful Mjolnir and destroy your enemies across the Nine Realms with the help of Heimdall, Sif and Loki. Can you banish the Dark Elves and save the universe?

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    Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Are there any bad Lego games? We don't think so. Fans of both DC and Lego will get a kick out of this cute and charming Lego game for iOS. With tons of hero and villain guest appearances (Lego Flash!), you'll be having a blast Lego bataranging your way through this charming action title. Congrats, Lego Batman! So far you top our list of the 10 Best iOS Super Hero Games.