Jurassic Park has been a popular property ever since the Michael Crichton novel hit book stores and Steven Spielberg turned it into one of the biggest popcorn movies of all time. Now you can relive the adventures on Isla Nublar with the first episode of this interactive dinosaur adventure.

Jurassic Park: The Game HD 1 is the first episode in a four chapter series of Jurassic Park adventures. This episode is only compatible with the iPad2 or higher. It's a hefty download, but the game is a lot of fun to play.

Here is the official synopsis:

The story begins during the last half of the first Jurassic Park film, where the island's security systems have failed and the dinosaurs now roam free. When Nedry fails to deliver the stolen dinosaur embryos, his contact Miles ventures into the dark jungle with Nima, a professional smuggler. Elsewhere, park veterinarian Gerry tours Jurassic Park with his daughter Jess in what he thinks is a safe area of the island.

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