TwitchPlaysPokemon allows a horde of people in a Twitch chat room to play the original Pokemon Blue/Red, and chaos ensues.

Kotaku reports that on the TwitchPlaysPokemon account, thousands of people are trying to control the main character of the original Game Boy Pokemon title all at once. The resulting effect is one of hilarity and of asinine repetition.

The way that this works is that anyone in the Twitch's chat can simply type in commands, such as "A," "B," "Select," "Up," etc., and the live emulator program will recognize it. We're not sure just how extensive its command registry is, but every command input we have seen is contradicted by the next. There is just a gigantic mix of serious players trying to proceed through the game mixed with a plethora of Internet trolls trying to sabotage it. For example, last night, the chat room gave away its highest-level Pokemon. Surprisingly, they have even beaten the first gym leader.

We can't wait to see if the Twitch page ends up using a Master Ball on a Magikarp. Just watch in the hilarity or contribute to the controls here at TwitchPlaysPokemon.