Thanks to Alex Onsager's Pokemon Fusion website, Pokefans have been toying around with combining different Pokemon in order to create truly bizarre creatures. We thought we'd try our hand at this whole fusion business and we wanted to share some of our more... interesting creations. Please don't blame us if these 10 Weird Pokemon Fusions appear in your nightmares.

First up is the Abchamp. This thing is more likely to pound you into the grass rather than Teleport out of a fight.


Wigglywrath just sounds like a weird, walking oxymoron. But that happy-go-lucky look combined with those raised fists trouble us.


Oh my. Looks like Weerina has a bad case of the Mondays. Or maybe one too many tequilas. 


What the #&*! is this thing?! Venoduck is definitely something you wouldn't want to see in a dark alleyway. Or anywhere.


Not only does this thing have a hilarious name, but the Butterbra is one of the scariest looking things we've ever seen. Yikes.


We love Pikachu. You love Pikachu. Everybody kinda really loves Pikachu. But if you saw this thing coming at you for a hug, you'd run away.


This guy deserves an honorable mention just for looking/sounding like a monkey that's also a hitman. 


Wow. We don't know whether to be more freaked out by Golnine's open maw or its weird, glam rock look.


Weem just makes us squeamish. It's as simple as that.


And Lickichoke is probably the weirdest of the bunch thanks to his protruding tongue, all-pink color palette, and because his name makes him sound like he'd be on lists. Oh, wait. He is.