It’s been just about 20 years since the first 151 Pokémon were unleashed on the world. Nintendo is celebrating such a monumental event all year round with events that are revisiting the last 20 years of Pokémon such as releasing legendary Pokémon from every generation every month until the end of the year. Pokémon is also going all the way back to the beginning with its generations TCG booster set that is a reprint of the very first Pokémon Trading Card Game set. It’s only natural that Nintendo would want to go back to the games that started it all--the original Pokémon games: Red, Blue and Yellow (which came a year later).

These re-releases are a bit more than a nostalgia trip however as they’ll feature trading and battling over wireless and Wi-Fi connections. This emulates the experience of battling and trading with friends back in the day when Pokémon was the hot new thing but the advent of Wi-Fi makes the entire world your friend. It also makes the entire world your competition. Whether you’re competing with friends to beat the game the fastest, beat them in battle, or want to battle players all over the world, you’ll want nothing but the best Pokémon. Sure, after 20 years of Pokémon there are bound to be favorites, especially in the first generation of Pokémon. Those favorites may not be your best option however. The great thing about Pokémon is that there’s room on your team for your favorites, and the best Pokémon. Not to mention that the original battle mechanics, broken as they may be, made some Pokémon and some type combinations shine much brighter than other. These are the 10 Pokémon that will never fail you in battle, the 10 Best Generation One Pokémon.

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