Forget about Star Lord the Raptor Whisperer in Jurassic World, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter could be making a return.

In an interview with TechRaptor (via Destructoid) Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal revealed that he is planning to give the Nintendo 64's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter a massive overhaul and that Night Dive Studios acquired the rights to re-release it. Night Dive Studios is known for their remakes and ports of System Shock 2, Bad Mojo and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. Villarreal's current project is a remake of the retro FPS Powerslave. These PC remakes give us a lot of faith in both Villarreal and Night Dive.

“I was originally working on remaking N64 Turok (called Turok EX) but it got put off to the side," Villarreal said. "Since now Night Dive Studios has picked up the rights to re-release it, Turok EX will resume development later this year.“

While Night Dive Studios has yet to confirm or announce the project, Villarreal's statement has inspired a multitude of questions. We just hope that Night Dive and Villarreal do the game justice, unlike Turok's sequels and spin-offs.

For those who don't know, in Turok: Dinosaur hunter you played as Tal'Set, a Native American warrior who time travels. Tal'Set becomes his tribe's newest Turok, who must protect the barrier between the Earth and a Lost Land where time has stopped. Toss in some aliens, dinosaurs and the Chronoscepter, and things got really fun and really silly. Since development on Turok EX was temporarily put on hold, we doubt we'll be seeing it at E3 this year.