Who cares if Star Lord could calm those raptors down in Jurassic World. We'd rather just fire a Chronosceptor at them in the remasters of Turok 1-2.

Earlier this year, we reported that Night Dive Studios picked up the rights to the Turok franchise. Now, Night Dive Studios has confirmed that they have the rights to the series and will be working on remastered versions of Turok 1-2 for PC (courtesy of PCGamer). The Turok series first debuted in 1997 on the Nintendo 64. Its sequel, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, hit the N64 a year later. Since then, Turok has had its fair share of underwhelming spin-offs and attempts at rebooting the franchise, including its 2008 reboot for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which got a lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike.

"When Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was first released it was nothing short of revolutionary. To that point, no game had ever offered the combination of graphics and an open world environment that Turok featured," said Night Dive CEO Stephen Kick. "We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring this great franchise back to life and to be able to share these great titles with today’s gaming audience."

Unfortunately, there's no release date or launch window for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter or Turok 2: Seeds of Evil's remasters. Both remasters have been confirmed for PC, and neither were announced for console release. Turok 1-2 would've made for excellent titles on the Virtual Console, wouldn't they, Nintendo?

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