You could barely turn a corner at Toy Fair 2014 without running into some company presenting some new form of video game merchandise. One of the surprise reveals at the show though happened to be Diamond's new Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare line.

Due to arrive this summer (some time after Garden Warfare's Feb. 25 launch), Diamond's PvZ action figures bring the cartoonish characters and classes from PopCap's upcoming game to life. The zombies and plants will be sold together in packs of two (one zombie, one plant) along with accessories relevant to those particular creatures. There will also be exclusive DLC codes included in each set, though details on just what those codes would get you weren't available.

Each toy is minimally articulated, but there's enough movement in each figure to craft a few different poses. The zombies have more movement options than the plants, which makes sense given that the zombies have actual limbs, but the plants do have some moveable parts, too. Though we weren't allowed to photograph it, Diamond also has a deluxe zombie yeti figure planned for later too, which is in scale with the standard figures below. Just how much mileage the line has coming out so long after the game remains to be seen, but the planned $24.99 price point is fair for what's included. Hopefully PopCap will have continued support for the game so the line's delayed arrival won't be too much of an issue.