In what could be a final attempt to move as many last-gen consoles as it can, Microsoft is rolling out three new Xbox 360 bundles to encourage some spring cleaning of your wallet.

The Xbox Wire has revealed three new Xbox 360 bundles that are probably meant to try and clear out some of Microsoft's remaining stock of the last-gen console. The bundles start at $249 and go up according to what you get. As you would expect, getting the Xbox Kinect with the system makes things quite a bit more expensive.

The first of these bundles is the Xbox 360 500 GB Spring Value Bundle, which includes a download code for the third-person shooter, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and a physical copy of Fable Anniversary, a rerelease of the hit action-RPG (note, there is no Kinect with this one). The second one is called the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle, which includes physical copies of Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports Ultimate. The third set is the Xbox 360 500GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle, which is the same as before, including Kinect Sports Ultimate and Kinect Adventures, but with a much bigger hard drive.

As a person who despises Kinect games, I suggest the Garden Warfare and Fable Anniversary bundle for anyone who feels that they've got to pick one of the three. You could always just do yourself a favor and put that money away and start investing towards a current-gen console — just saying. All three of these bundles should be out now. Just make sure you call and check with your local video game store before you go out there so you can't blame us for them not having them.